9 Things To Stop, and Keep Your Confidence Habit

So you’re getting there!  You’re Getting the Confidence Habit.

Now all you have to do is Keep It!

Over the next 9 days I’ll be writing about the

9 Things You Should STOP Doing  to Keep Your Confidence Habit

  1. Stop Apologising for Living!

He looks so forlorn…

Is this you?

‘I’m hopeless…’

‘I’m so sorry, I always get it wrong…’

‘I know I OUGHT (that word again) to know better…’

Listen to yourself!  be honest now. How many times a day do you apologise when there’s absolutely no need?

Start noticing – you’ll be surprised.

How about saying these instead-

  • ‘I’m getting better at this!’
  • ‘I’ve made a pretty good job of that!’
  • ‘My computer skills are improving, bit by bit’ 

Easy for me to say, not always so easy to do, I know. But as ever, when you’re getting the Confidence Habit you must practise.

It’s like any habit – 

If you want to keep it you have to practise every day until it becomes second nature.


  • Make a list of 5 things you know you’re good at. Go on! Pick up a pen and do it NOW!
  • When you can’t manage to sort something out by yourself, never be afraid to ask for help. But don’t start with the dreaded words, ‘I’m sorry but…’ 
  • Before you apologise, think about whether there really is anything to apologise for.

And if you’re about to apologise for living…DON’T!

That’s better!

Please feel free to add any ‘Things to Stop’, as we go along and  I’ll include them if I can.

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