2nd Thing to Stop – and Keep Your Confidence Habit

2. Stop Making Excuses!

Is this you?


‘Oh no, I couldn’t possibly…’

‘I wouldn’t be any good at it…’

‘I’m not clever enough…’

‘I’m too young/old/tall/small/inexperienced to…’

‘People will laugh…’

I recently had the chance to go snorkelling. I so wanted to see the hidden

world below the waves.

As I started to put on the gear, the excuses queued up in my head.

‘But I’m not a very confident swimmer!’

‘What if I panic!’

‘I’ve never done this before!’

I stood on the shore, watching the others wading into the sea.

Tears lurked. I was afraid. I wanted to leave.


One of the instructors gently asked me if I’d like some help. I nodded and said in a very small voice,’I need you to show me what to do.’

He held my hand and swam in front of me as I tentatively took my first strokes.

And guess what! I absolutely loved it. Shoals of brightly coloured fish swam past and we even saw a turtle. I was amazed.

Why did I stop making excuses?

  • because I was highly motivated to do it
  • because I knew I could ask for help
  • because I understood that my excuses were silly and could be overcome.


Think about…

  • What have you chosen to do but are making excuses for not doing?
  • Are you really motivated to do it?
  • What’s holding you back? If you need help, ask for it. If it’s fear, read ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’ by Susan Jeffers
  • When you’ve erased all those excuses, do what I did – take a deep breath and wade in …

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