4th Thing to Stop…and Keep Your Confidence Habit

4.   Stop Shutting People Out!

 Is this you?

The phone rings. An invitation to a party!  You make an excuse. You settle for your usual ‘glass of wine, eat, TV, go to bed and read’ routine.


Because you’re uncomfortable in a room of strangers?

Because you have ‘nothing to wear’?

Because… well – you fill in the blanks!

Because… it’s SAFE.


Could this be you?

(It nearly was me, thank goodness I took those classes…)


You see a creative writing class advertised. You’ve always fancied it but somehow…. you reject the idea. 


Because you might be rubbish at it.

Because you won’t know anyone there.

Because… well, you fill in the blanks…

Because… It’s SAFE.


You stay at home.

You feel lonely.

You wish you were more confident.



  • Go out ASAP and buy something to wear in a colour NOT in your normal range – like red, or bright blue.


  • Next time an invitation comes, say ‘Yes’, put on the red/blue/bright yellow whatever, and ‘Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway.’ Susan Jeffers  (please read this book!)


  • Decide to try some confident body language – practise making eye contact, starting conversations (‘trivial’ will be fine!),  start uncrossing your arms from in front of you.

‘The greatest risk is the risk of riskless living.’

Stephen Covey

Blue’s not your colour? Why not? 

Join in! Take that Risk!


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