Stop Beating Yourself Up… and Keep Your Confidence Habit

In this series, I’m alerting you to some of the things you should

 STOP doing if you want to Keep that Confidence Habit.

Ready for Number 5? 

5. Stop Beating Yourself Up!


Do you do this?

You look in the mirror.


Who do you see?

What do you say to your reflection?

I bet it goes something like this –

‘Who DO you think you are, to think you’ll get that job?’

‘You’ll NEVER  find a loving partner, you’re not even pretty/attractive!’

‘If only I’d done/not done/decided/not decided/chosen differently… ‘

I think you get my point!


The truth is, you’re not ‘set in stone’!

There are some aspects of ‘you’ that you’d like to change. Everyone feels like that at times.

But you’ve already decided that you can’t.

Change, that is.

You constantly beat yourself up about all the things you should’ve, could’ve, ought to’ve done. 

 And guess what?

You feel hopeless, miserable and a waste of space.

Silly, when you think about it, isn’t it! 

And destructive.

 So what can you do about it?

Here are a few suggestions.

  • Look in the mirror and before you do anything else,  stop frowning!
  • Look at your reflection (make sure there’s no-one within earshot first…) and tell yourself all the things you like about ‘you’ and wouldn’t want to change.
  • Now decide that you will

apply for that job

start that course

join that club

write that story

give that dinner party

make that phone call

invite that person for coffee.

  • Now smile into that mirror, pull your shoulders back, and choose one aspect of ‘you’ that you can and will change- 

your hairstyle…         

your plans for the weekend…

saying’yes’  instead of ‘no’ to an invitation? (re-read number 4)…

choosing to plan a holiday instead of staying home…

You have a lot going for you.

Don’t waste it!

Next time you look in that mirror, smile and give your self a wink. 

You’re looking at the emerging, confident ‘you’!








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