Stop Putting It Off…and Keep The Confidence Habit



 7. Stop Putting It Off!

Do the ironing…

It was on my To Do list.

Had been for four days.

Problem was, I kept putting if off. It’s not my favourite pastime, and only tolerable if there’s a play to listen to on Radio Four or some interesting TV to watch, while I do it.

The other things on my list were great.


  • Read some blogs and leave interesting comments (!)
  • Read Darren Rowse’s latest Problogger post and print it off
  • Write a sparkling post for here (well, after a lot of thought, possibly…)

But do the ironing?  Don’t be silly…

The pile lurked under the stairs, smirking in its basket, getting larger the more I tried not to think about it and got on with other enjoyable stuff.

And then… I decided.

Before I even switched on my computer, I pulled out the ironing board and dragged the offending pile of washing into the light…

And guess what!

  • there weren’t nearly so many shirts as I’d imagined,
  • some of it only needed folding,
  • I watched Breakfast TV and finished in 30 minutes!

How about you?


What tasks are you putting off?

What’s lurking and smirking in your ‘understairs cupboard’?

What’s  staring stoically at you from your ‘To Do List’?

What is it that makes you Put It Off?

Is it?

  • You feel out of your depth? 

If so, change the task and make it achievable.

  • You worry that you won’t do it perfectly?

If so, decide that doing a ‘good enough’ job is fine.

  • Is it too scary?

If so, try to find a way to make it less scary, or ‘Feel the fear and Do it Anyway.’  Susan Jeffers


  • What’s lurking on your ‘To Do List?
  • Move it to the top.
  • Now decide… to Do It!  Today! This minute! No excuses!
  • There! Not too bad, was it! Now you can enjoy the ‘good stuff’ on your list…

‘Put your life in safe hands. Your own.’  Anon



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