9th Thing To Stop… and Keep The Confidence Habit

9.  Stop Feeling Guilty!

‘I’d love to do that evening course but I’d feel so guilty’

‘Every time I have 5 minutes/and hour/ a morning to myself, I feel so guilty because I ought…’

‘I just ate a whole bag of Maltesers… and I mean a BIG bag… I feel so guilty!’

Why do we do it to ourselves?

They say that women are worse than men about feeling guilty. Perhaps any men reading this would like to tell us if that’s true?

We feel obliged to meet everyone else’s needs before our own.

Our mothers did it, and their mothers before them.

It’s a bad habit. And it’s time we stopped!

What is it we feel guilty about?

  • Studying for a new qualification when we ‘ought‘…
  • Having some time to just ‘be’ when we ‘ought’?
  • Having a treat when you’re not ‘worth it’?

It’s very silly, but worst of all,

feeling guilty is very bad for your confidence.

Everyone is ‘worth it.’

We are all valuable.

We all have needs.

And if one of your needs is –

  • to study
  • to learn a new skill
  • to have some time alone

Then SO BE IT!

Today’s Task

Throw your guilt into the bin, and, just for a change, start meeting your OWN needs.

So there!


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