Choose with Confidence


So many of us undecided.

So many conflicting views.

S0 many convincing discussions on radio and TV.

And the result?  Indecision.

We have to make so many decisions in life ;

  • to take/not take that job
  • to have/not have a child
  • to marry/not marry/live together

and so it continues, until we’re more and more confused and say-

‘I used to be decisive but now I’m not so sure…’

How do you make your choices?

Do you-

  • make a list of pro’s and con’s?
  • discuss things with a Counsellor?
  • see a solicitor?
  • talk to a friend or family member?
  • sleep on it and know that all will become clear in the light of day?

We often need help with important choices. We need support – a ‘Crony’who will let us use them as a sounding board.

And still, we may end up sitting on an uncomfortable fence.

I believe that there’s no such thing as a wrong decision.

We simply need to accept that it was right at the time but now circumstances  have changed and a different choice might work better.


  • When faced with an important choice, make sure you don’t choose in a rush.  
  • Find a Crony to try out ideas with first, to clear your thoughts,to help you think it through.
  • Remember, a decision can often be reversed, changed or adapted, to make it work. No experience is wasted.
  • Take some time to be by your self and follow your instincts about which path is right for you at the moment.

Once the issues are clear, make your choice with Confidence.


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