Water washes away worry!

‘Drink 3 litres of water a day!’

It’s in the press every day.  Drinking plenty of water…

  • will plump up my ageing skin,
  •  flush out toxins,
  •  put a sparkle in my eye.

An ice cold glass of water certainly refreshes on a hot day, drooping daisies lift their faces to the rain and birds queue up for my bird bath.

And then I read this in Friday’s Daily Mail and I thought I’d share it with you.


A study at the University of Michigan is reported in the journal ‘Science’ as showing that hand washing appears to put a stop to our doubts when we’ve made a decision between 2 attractive choices. (Not choices with moral issues.)

After washing their hands, 40 participants no longer felt the need to justify their decision. They simply stuck to it!

So… next time I make a decision and want to stick to it, I’ll wash my hands (several times probably, to make sure it works…) and see if it makes any difference.

And it’s not even April 1st!

Do let me know if you try out this theory or whether it should simply be flushed down the drain!


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