Drains and Radiators – The Sequel

Regular readers will remember my post about Drains and Radiators., back in March.  I wrote about how our Confidence is directly affected by the people we spend time with, how our hearts sink when we hear the voice of that ‘Drain’ on the phone…

Well. I got to thinking.

About the ‘things’ we spend time with.

These ‘things’ can have the same effect as the Drains or Radiators.


Let me tell you about my study.

My shelves are full of books. But I try to keep only the books that I refer to constantly or novels that I know I’ll want to read again.

ALL the rest go to the charity shop. Sounds harsh, I know, but it works for me.

The pictures and photos on the walls make me smile – family photos, a Caribbean beach, a picture of James Taylor, (sorry if you’re too young to know who he is…) and some inspiring quotations.

All these bring me peace and contentment every day – they are Radiators.

My desk is tidy – that’s just how I am – my favourite mug filled with sharpened pencils and my radio set to Radio Four, when I need a voice to listen to.

My study is my Radiator.

I feel its warmth every time I sit down to write.

It’s a haven.

I’m truly at home.

How about you?

Think about this…

  • Next time you feel overwhelmed, when your ‘To Do’ list is too long and  you really don’t want to face it – why not create just one place that radiates peace and confidence?
  • Start small.  Where do you spend most time? Even the kitchen sink can have a tiny jug of mint sprigs nearby to Radiate simple beauty. No, Im not joking – I always have a few tiny flowers by mine!
  • Look at your things in a new light. If they Drain you, put them away.

Surround yourself with things that Radiate contentment and bring you Confidence.






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