Discover 5 Simple Strategies to Face Your Fears

 ‘Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.’

T.S. Eliot


Do you want to discover how to face your fears?

Today I will show you 

5 simple strategies that work.


For me it was roundabouts.

Very busy ones. Ones where I wasn’t sure which lane to be in, who had the right of way and how to swap lanes safely.

How I felt – worried about driving but highly motivated to do something about it

What actions I took – found a course of refresher driving lessons with a sympathetic teacher.

Result – I lost my fear of roundabouts.

Why did my action lessen my fear?

  • I was highly motivated
  • I took realistic action
  • I was prepared to learn and change.

We spend so much time worrying about what might happen that we stay stuck, unable to take any action.

 Perhaps you’re afraid of one of these-

  • going on holiday alone for the first time
  • joining a group of strangers at a party
  • asking for a pay rise
  • joining a Dating Site
  • asking your son/daughter to contribute to the household in some way.

I found this – ‘Fear only breeds fear’ and I believe it.


Here are 5 simple strategies that will help you face your fears.

1.   Don’t run before you can walk.

Work out one small step you can take today. For me it was, look up some driving instructors.  Take another step tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow… With each small step your fear will start to shrink.

2.   Work out an achievable deadline.

For me it was, by the end of this 10 session course I will be able to drive confidently around busy roundabouts.

What will your deadline be?

by the end of the week/month/ summer/year I will.

3.   Get information.

Talk to others who’ve been there, ask questions, ask for advice, google the problem. Information brings strength and helps you understand what you’re dealing with.

4.   Find some support.

You’re not the first to face this and you won’t be the last. Talk to people, e:mail them, find an expert.

5.   Don’t let ‘set backs’ set you back.

Set backs happen to everyone. They’re normal.

Just wait … 

for the dust to settle…

and then…

start again tomorrow.

What are you afraid of ?

How will you face your fear?


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