4 Surprising Ways to Grow Your Confidence

A sunny day to spend in my garden…


As I pull on my gardening gloves, ready to plant my new herbs, I get to thinking –  

growing plants in my garden is just like growing my Confidence.


1.   Plant something ‘new’.

I love having new plants, finding the right place for them, being creative.

As you grow your confidence, plant something ‘new’.

Try something  different, every day. Even going to a different supermarket counts or wearing a new colour! 

What can you do that’s different from your usual routine TODAY?


2.   Pull up some weeds.

Why is that weeds seem to grow better than ‘plants’? If I’m not careful, carefully nurtured plants can be choked by weeds.

As your new confidence grows, keep it free of weeds. Keep away from those ‘drains’ and give it a chance. Weed out those negative thoughts,

‘I’ll never be able to…’

‘I’m hopeless…’

‘It’s a waste of time trying…’

What can you weed out of your life that’s choking your confidence?


3.   Water and fertilise.

New skills need time and help to get established.

Make sure you have plenty of ‘radiators’  in your life, browse in the ‘Self-help’ section of Waterstone’s,  look in the mirror and see a confident face.

What can you do to nurture your confidence ?


4.   Clear a space.

Plants need room to grow and be appreciated. Their beauty is not easily seen in an overcrowded border.

Leave space in your busy, busy day.

10 things on your ‘List’? Do 5 of them.

3 things to do? Do 1 as well as you can.

Don’t cram your day full of half completed tasks.

Discover the satisfaction in doing fewer things as well as you can.

Where can you leave some space in your overcrowded day?


Now I’ve written this, as well as I can, I’m off  to work in my garden – 

to plant something new, pull up some weeds,water my plants and clear some space.

What will YOU do today to Grow Your Confidence?


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