Want To Know A Secret?

I have a Secret Confidence Crony…

She’s quite unusual…

Not your run-of-the mill Confidence Crony…

For a start she’s got four legs and a tail…

Her name is Mittens.

So how does that work?

  • She always expects positive things to happen…

She runs to greet me, tail in the air, expecting food to magically appear in her bowl.

  • She supports me, rain or shine…

She senses when I’m sad, lacking in confidence, unsure of actions to take. She simply curls up next to me, calming me while I think things through.

  • She listens while I talk…

The cottage is silent, thoughts rush through my head, I begin to feel overwhelmed and then…I hear her purr.  I pause to stroke her,  she looks up at me as I tell her my concerns,  and I immediately feel more confident about my day.

  • She’s consistent…

The cat flap bangs, she runs to her bowl, looks up at me, purrs and … munches.  Always the same. Always on my side.

When you’re choosing a Confidence Crony, look for someone like Mittens –

Someone who

  • expects the positive,
  • supports you,
  • listens to you,
  • is consistent.

Who will you choose to be YOUR Confidence crony?

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