In 5 Minutes

Five minutes to spare?

Here’s what to do…

Stop being busy and –


  • Stand still for one minute… 

Just for one minute. By yourself. Alone. Thinking your thoughts. Pondering. Making plans. Setting goals. Wishing.


  • Watch for one minute…

The people. The traffic. The passengers. The happy ones. The sad ones. The ones in a hurry. The ones who look worried. The lonely one.


  • Listen for one minute…

To the birds. The traffic. The music. The rain. The footsteps. The children.


  • Smell for one minute…

The air. The emerging summer. The flowers. The warmth of the pavement after the rain.  The breeze.


  • Feel for one minute…

The softness in the air. The sunshine. The breeze. The shower. The optimism in the air.

There! That didn’t hurt, did it?

In only 5 minutes!

And already, you feel more Confident!

 Just imagine what an hour of your time could do…


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One response to “In 5 Minutes

  1. This is beautiful, Linda. It reminded me of last summer, which was the best summer of my life. People ask me why it was such a special summer, and I tell them it’s because I slowed down enough to really experience the magic of it, just like you described in your post. Life is so good when we give ourselves permission to really live it!

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