Not Guilty!

I’m always surprised when I ask Clients whose fault they think it is that they lost their Confidence.

They look puzzled. Silly question. Surely it’s all down to them?  After all-

  • They failed.
  • They didn’t live up to expectations.
  • They were rubbish at… whatever.

They are amazed when I tell them that  lack of Confidence is


In this weeks’ Sunday Times Supplement there was a very enlightening article about Gok Wan.


He has championed the larger woman and encouraged women of all sizes to have the Confidence to dress to impress.

Gok was once very overweight and he describes how he was bullied as a child. He even wet himself once at the thought of having to put on sports kit.

No wonder he lost his confidence.

Confidence can be squeezed out of us by

  • unkind remarks by parents, teachers, class mates
  • being humiliated in front of our class mates, like Gok
  • failing a test when all our friends passed
  • being compared unfavourably to our siblings
  • not getting that job you had your heart set on

I’m sure you can add to this list.

But the good news is, you can get your Confidence back!

If Gok can, you can!


You are in charge of you, no-one else.

You are responsible for how you react to life, no-one else.

You can become the person you want to be.

 WHO do YOU want to be?


 Tomorrow you’ll discover 

3 Simple Steps

you can take to become that Confident person. 


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