Don’t You Dare Put It Off…

Today I will show you the Third Simple Step To Confidence


So… you want to make some changes.

You’ve chosen your Priority Change.

You’ve made a ‘Brainstorm’ of all the actions you will need to take and you’ve put them in order of how simple/practical they are.


Here’s my list as an example –

My priority change/goal is –

I want to have my local history book printed by October this year.


  • Write a time-table
  • Visit library to find list of local publishers.
  • Visit Heritage Centre to locate suitable photos.
  • Put request on village web site for local help
  • Complete every chapter of book
  • Compile index
  • Don’t worry if things don’t always go according to plan



  • Write down every step, however small
  • Make a timetable and plot all the steps on it
  • List all phone calls/e:mails
  • Start a Journal and record every step you take to remind yourself how you’re progressing
  • Be prepared to miss a day’s steps from time to time. Everyone does. Just move that step to another day!
  • Make sure you reward yourself for every step taken.Yes! A glass of wine is fine!
  • Don’t rush – be a tortoise and not a hare…

Most important of all, you are NOT being selfish by choosing to make changes.



It’s Your Turn NOW. 


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One response to “Don’t You Dare Put It Off…

  1. Christine

    Good luck with publishing your history book – I’m looking forward to hearing it’s ready to buy!

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