7 Secrets…

…  to ‘improving the time…’

(bear with me, this will make sense…)


The purpose of my blog is to put a positive spin on everyday life and to help you  improve your confidence and find positives in your life.

Over on ‘Waggledancing Again’ this morning I read about the inscription on Market Harborough’s ancient town clock. It reads :

‘Improve the time’

and it started me thinking about how we can all improve the time that we spend with ourselves.


 Here are my 7 Secrets to Improving Time Spent Alone.

1.   Switch off… the phones, TV, radio, any potential distractions.

2.   Close your eyes and  daydream for 1,2,3 minutes – however long you choose.

3.   Notice the ‘small stuff’ – the colour of the sky, the sound of the rain on the window, your breathing, the touch of your lashes on your cheeks, the warmth of the sunshine, the coolness of the curtained room… too many to mention

4.   Decide what you can ‘give away’ today – perhaps it’s

help – to a friend, work colleague, fellow passenger on the train,

a listening ear – when you’d rather walk away,

compassion – to someone who looks sad,

a smile – to a stranger

5.   Think about – 10 aspects of your life you’re thankful for ( count them on your fingers… you’ll wish you had more fingers…)

6.   Consider – the items on your To Do list. Be honest with yourself and cross off 3 items that you know you don’t need to do …at allever…

7.   Decide to spend time alone again tomorrow and before you know it, you’ll acquire the ‘improve the time’ habit, just like the residents of Market Harborough.


Today is a gift which is why it’s called ‘the present’.

How do you ‘improve your time’ alone?

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One response to “7 Secrets…

  1. Christine

    I’ve thought about time for ages and finally had one of those penny-dropping moments that now seem so obvious but hadn’t occured to me until now! Despite not working for more than two years I am still trying to live according to business time – the hours of 9-5, Monday to Friday are for WORKING, not having fun or enjoying the day or simply being. Years of conditioning have been hard to shake off and I’ve held on to the ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’ and all the other guilt inducing words that transpire to insist we are productive and busy. But today I declare my life a non-business time zone… and I can feel the pressure lifting already!

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