I’m ‘on hold’.

Pursed lips.


Wasting my time.

There’s music in my ear…  endless… mindless..

‘Your call is in a queue and will be answered as soon as one of our advisors…blah, blah, blah…’

I breathe deeply.

Lower my shoulders a little.

I stop pacing.

Phone pressed to my ear I gaze out of the window, waiting, waiting

And then I feel it…the cool breeze, soothing, compassionate.

Wysteria leaves seem to rustle in time to the  music.

A plane drones in the distance. 

A bee fizzes on the window sill.

I look out at my poppies…

blooming brilliantly red against the yellowing grass, 

bringing a smile to my face

and a calmness to my mind.


‘Can I help you?’

It’s Louise from customer services.

And I smile confidently and calmly down the phone.

No longer on hold…


When you’re anxious and  you can’t change what you’re anxious about,

change your attitude to it…


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2 responses to “Anxious?

  1. I like your take on anxiety

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