She’d spent £25,000 on her addiction.

She had no confidence in her future.

She was addicted to Psychics.

I listened as she described, on GMTV, how she was unable to make any decisions without consulting a psychic. She wanted to know exactly what the future held and she totally believed what those ‘money spinners’ told her. She sought help for every area of her life, totally reliant on someone else’s guidance and totally obsessed.

She has stopped wasting her time and money now, but had been completely hooked for many years.

Such a sad tale.

In my view, the only person who can reassure you about your future is YOU!

The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Invent It

Alan Kay


It’s All About YOU!

  • YOU act
  • YOU choose
  • YOU decide
  • YOU speak
  • YOU behave
  • YOU think
  • YOU believe
  • YOU react
  • YOU allow
  • YOU relate
  • YOU give
  • YOU change
  • YOU succeed
  • YOU progress
  • YOU learn

And perhaps most important of all, you become the confident person you want to be.


I’ll write in more detail about some of the above in the next few days.


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