You Choose…

‘Learn how to choose better so you can have better’

Dr Phil McGraw

Yesterday I wrote about the lady addicted to Psychics. She was afraid to make her own choices. She allowed others to make them for her.

In his book, ‘Life Strategies’, Dr Phil writes about Choices. When I first read it, I found it hard to believe but experience has shown me that he’s right. We are all responsible for what happens to us.


‘And the Oscar goes to…’

We all know someone who plays the ‘Victim’, don’t we?

‘He ruined my life’ she says…


You allowed him to ruin your life.

‘My boss is so mean to me’ he says.

Is he? And whose responsibility is that? Don’t let him.

If you choose to overlook the behaviour then he’ll carry on being mean to you.


‘My elderly mother always gets her own way’, she says.


Because you choose to let her get her own way.


Dr Phil writes that we are indeed responsible for our lives. Responsible, not to blame.

What are you choosing to do in your life that you’d like to stop doing?


Tomorrow I’ll write about 

why we avoid making different choices.


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2 responses to “You Choose…

  1. Christine

    I let anxiety rule my life … it has to stop but it’s not an overnight fix.

    • No life-time habit has an ‘overnight fix’.
      You have to fix it very slowly, starting with the easiest step.
      As you make progress the steps get harder , more challenging, but if you’re highly motivated to put an end to whatever it is, then you will do it.

      Motivation and determination are the key.

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