Faffing About…

…is good for your Confidence!

Is this you?

  • ‘I know I’m guilty of wasting time…’
  • ‘There aren’t enough hours in the day…’
  • ‘I never seem to get it all done…’

We cram our day full to overflowing. We feel overwhelmed.

And the result?

We feel disappointed, disillusioned and dissatisfied.

I’m not sure that I believe that time can be wasted. We choose to use our time in a multitude of ways. Sometimes there’s stuff we can’t avoid, like our work, cooking, household chores but what about time to ourselves? 

Is time ever ‘wasted’?


My favourite occupation is


Some might call it wasting time but I love it.

I’m sure you’re laughing but bear with me and all will be clear.


What do I do?

  • stare out of the window
  • listen to the blackbirds
  • tidy a drawer, very slowly
  • write a non-urgent e:mail
  • browse the net for ideas
  • listen to ‘Any Questions’ while doing my nails
  • browse through my recipes

And the result is…

  • I feel more confident
  • I value myself
  • I feel fresher
  • I’m able to tackle the tedious chores

Everyone should learn the art of ‘Faffing About’

It’s essential for our mental health…




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2 responses to “Faffing About…

  1. Christine

    I fully agree with you…although for me it’s called ‘poodling about’! Some of my best ideas blossom from just such times so it is a truly precious time.

    BTW – faffing in our household is when you spend time dithering…

  2. So glad I’m not the only one…
    and you’re right Christine, about ideas blossoming from such times. I always have my note book handy, just in case!

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