Are You Naughty?



‘I’ve got a whole day to myself!  

The children are out, no obligations, no cooking to do. 

I can do whatever I like… is that really naughty?’ 


My friend found herself unexpectedly free.

And guess what? 

She went straight into listing all the things she should do, none of them fun. 

 When I suggested she should devote the whole day to herself she looked a bit worried. 

‘Oh my word! I can’t do that!’ 

I asked her why. 

‘Well, it would be selfish, wouldn’t it!’ 

‘So is being selfish always a bad thing?’ 

We chatted for a while and she went away, saying she’d reflect on what we’d said. 

Next time we meet I’ll ask her how she spent her day… 



As you know, After reading Christine’s post about ‘Improving time’ I’ve been musing on the ways we look at the concept of time.

It’s so easy to think that we must always come last in the pecking order.  

It’s a habit we should try to avoid.  

What we need is a balance, between others’ needs and our own.  

I hope my friend enjoyed her day and changed her mind-set that it was naughty to give herself some time. 

‘It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is -what are we busy about? ‘ 

Henry David Thoreau 

You have a free day.

How will you spend it?


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2 responses to “Are You Naughty?

  1. Hello Linda
    The question of the right use of time is fascinating. I’ve found myself with far too much time recently and I’m just not used to the luxury. But I hate the thought that time is wasted because we chose to be kind to ourselves, after all, we are our own best resource aren’t we!

  2. Linda,

    I’ve had a lot of time to myself this week whilst the children are with their grandparents. Even though I knew my husband and I would have the BH together and we could do anything we wanted I somehow just couldn’t plan ahead and decide what to do. We get very little time together and we are not use to making plans for ourselves. At the last minute after the children had gone to bed we made plan. We had a lovely day at the Hay Festival and managed to hear an interesting talk by Andrea Levy, which was lucky as we had booked very late. I don’t know why I couldn’t plan something earlier!

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