We spend 6 months of our lives talking about the weather!

Women spend more time talking about it than men, and it’s the most popular way to start a conversation with strangers, so reports the Daily Mail, so it must be true…

Every day there are 500,000 weather related tweets on Twitter!

Lloyds TSB Insurance surveyed 2,000 adults and came up with these amazing facts about how we spend our time.

So- if you want to ‘fill some time’ just talk about the weather and before you know it, 6 months of your life will be accounted for!

I started musing about this obsession with the weather and  wondered what my ‘life forecast’ for today would be –

Here it is-


A bright, blog filled morning , followed by a light breeze as I work in the garden. 

Outbreaks of confidence later when the meal is ready followed by temporary clouds as I clear up the kitchen.

Sunny spells as we open the wine and enjoy a settled period of relaxation.


Further spells of contentment and confidence as I settle down to my writing project.



‘If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you’ll never enjoy the sunshine.’

Morris West


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