49 Minutes?

Family Outing...


49 minutes…   

is all we spend together as a family each day, according to  a recent survey of parents.  

It seems that parents are deterred  about the cost of outings whereas the children would just like more ‘normal’ time with them, never mind the expensive trips. Children say they are happy to simply spend time at home with the family.  

I sometimes wonder why people have children when they can spare so little time for them. Guilt about this influences the amount of money spent on the children at Christmas and birthdays, with hundreds of £’s for each child being the norm.  

I was amazed to read that women spend 76 minutes getting ready for work on Mondays (can’t believe someone researched this…) so  do they think ‘getting ready’ is more important than the 49 minutes they spend with their family.?  


I hate the expression ‘Quality Time’.   

Surely all time is Quality Time?  

What about time spent  

  • sleeping
  • day-dreaming
  • eating
  • alone
  • laughing
  • listening
  • cuddling
  • learning

… the list is endless.   


How often do you hear this –  

‘If I had my time again…’  


Sorry !   

It’s too late!  

Time flies away, never to return.  


After you’ve read this, think about how  many precious minutes you spend each day with your family…  


 ‘It’s not the years in your life but the life in your years that counts.’  

Adlai E. Stevenson  



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2 responses to “49 Minutes?

  1. Seventy-six minutes getting ready for work? Yikes!!!

    One thing that made a huge difference for me in spending time with family is to stop watching television. When that noise machine is turned off it’s amazing how natural it becomes to connect over a game, conversation, walks together, etc.

  2. carsma

    My kids have gone, but when here for two days , I spend every second with them that they want.

    When they were little. I was always there. Maybe wrong maybe right, but they are great kids.

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