‘Champagne Friday’ at our local pub is soooo popular.

The car park is full by 6.30 and it’s almost impossible to find a free table.

I’ll let you into a little secret if you promise not to tell everyone…

My OH and I go along on most Friday’s (shhhh…)

Yes, I know it sounds extravagant but it’s not. The champagne is sold at a supermarket price and we eat there too, as do most of the customers.

We celebrate Fridays and the start of the weekend.


Last Friday I started musing about celebrations in general.

My daughter celebrated her wedding anniversary this weekend and it’s my OH’s birthday today.

We’re all used to celebrating ‘special days’.

But what about today?


Is it just an ‘ordinary’ day?

I don’t mean we should be drinking champagne at every opportunity – well, it would be nice but surely the novelty would wear off –  No? oh all right then…


In my view we should find something in every day to celebrate, to appreciate, to be thankful for.

In this blog I aim to notice the ‘small stuff’, and look for Positive Spinnings.

As I type this I am noticing –

  • bird song
  • my first rose blooming
  • the church clock chiming
  • a card on my desk that says ‘Nothing is impossible’
  • my wedding ring

I want to celebrate each of these, and many more every day.


What do you celebrate in an ‘ordinary’ day?

Why not open that ‘champagne’ in your mind every time you notice your ‘small stuff’?



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2 responses to “Champagne?

  1. carsma

    Yes, my ex OH’s birthday today too.

    We still have to live together, so we kissed and cuddled and we opened everything together, sad or sick, you say. Now he is off for weekend with his girlfriend….!


  2. Christine

    What a lovely idea, Champagne Friday… it’s definately one to adopt, I think! We celebrate Saturday mornings because they are the best of the week…

    There is a great quote by someone called Jean Webster (sorry, don’t know who that is…) but it’s so right for this post: ‘It isn’t the great big pleasures that count the most; it’s making a great deal out of the little ones’

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