Rant and Rave!

We had a row.

In the car-wash.


It was his first time and he didn’t want to seem foolish.

As if…


Half way through….the window leaked.


Water streamed in, soaking him.

I wanted to laugh…

But I sensed it wasn’t the moment…


He ranted and raved, at the world, the car, the car wash guy, you name it….

Over on Jean’s Virgin Blogger Notes I’d read about Ranting and Raving.

And how we all need to do it.

It’s good for us.


My poor OH was mortified at his behaviour afterwards, was full of apologies.

But I was pleased that it happened.


Because it wasn’t about the car wash, or the world, or anything in particular.

It was a sign.

Of stress.


We talked about it (thankfully he will talk about sensitive stuff) and he’ll make an appointment to see our Dr to talk to him.

He may prescribe something, he may not,but at least we realised that such an outburst was only a sign.

And we took notice….


Don’t be afraid to confront your weaknesses, your fears, your perceived inadequacies.

They could be a sign….

that you need the confidence to sort something out.

After all…. no-one’s perfect



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2 responses to “Rant and Rave!

  1. Thank you for the mention, Linda, and thank you for this post! What an important message about acknowledging our weaknesses rather than dismissing or denying them. It’s so easy to see the signs, the yellow alerts, and turn the other way. How much better to say, “hmmm, perhaps I’d better look more closely at this,” so that an issue can be addressed when it’s still small.

  2. Looks like I didn’t misread the signs, Jean!
    Thanks for your input.

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