It’s a secret…

I needed a password again today.

But which one? I have so many.

I’ve even written them down which I know is against the rules but hey, ho…

The world is obsessed with privacy, protecting ourselves from stuff, locking ourselves away, hiding, afraid of exposure.

But without that magic word, we’re shut out in the ‘virtual world’ from forums, bank accounts, websites. We have to prove we are who we say we are.

But…. little do we realise that in the real world, everyone can see exactly who we are. It’s called body language.


I was waiting in the station car park for my OH.

There they were, hugging, huddled together, on a low wall.

They looked bereft, forlorn.

She touched his cheek gently, reassuring him. He was downcast, couldn’t force the tiniest smile, however much she tried to cheer him.

Then they slowly walked away, looking at the ground, arms wrapped tightly around one another’s waist, up the steps and out into the town.

I felt their sadness. I longed for the sun to come out and warm them, to make it ‘all right’.

As we drove away, their faces, their body language, their sorrow, hung in the air…


I wonder what message you’d give to anyone watching you, sitting on a wall in the car park?



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4 responses to “It’s a secret…

  1. carsma

    Sad and pathetic.

  2. carsma… I’m sitting here wishing I could help you.

    You are so brave to write that.

    Please get in touch if there’s anything I can say to help.

  3. I probably look like an airhead. I really get into noticing birds, people, the feel of the breeze, and that sort of thing. People have sometimes asked me what I’m smiling about, and I haven’t even realized I was smiling. Oh well, I’d better not think about people watching me or it will freak me out 🙂

  4. Thanks for that, Jean.

    Funny how we have no idea we’re smiling sometimes…

    I guess we have no idea that we look sad either…

    But I learn a lot from watching.

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