How Rollers Help Confidence!

Do we spend too many of our precious waking moments ‘Looking Forward’ to something?

Let’s face it, the future is always in the future. Surely we should live in the present?

When I was a teenager I remember looking forward with such excitement and optimism to the school dance. I would iron my dress to within an inch of its life, put on my new shoes and pose in front of the mirror, admiring them, practise my confident smile in case a boy looked over at me.

The night before I would frantically check that no gruesome spot was about to erupt, wash my hair and sleep with the rollers in, ignoring the discomfort.


So much looking forward.

Followed, nearly always, by acute disappointment. I didn’t meet the boy of my dreams, I was only asked to dance a few times and my shoes left me with blisters.

But did this stop me from looking forward to the next dance?

What do you think!!!

Another thrilling round of spot checking, putting in my rollers and practising my smile, as the anticipation grew.


Here’s the thing.

Everyone needs something to look forward to. Without optimism and hope, life can be deadly. But it doesn’t have to be something world changing that we look forward to –

  • It might simply be a phone call.
  • Or waking up to a sunny day for a change.
  • Or seeing your cat again after a weekend away.

Over on Jean’s Virgin Blogger Notes she tells us she looks forward to writing her blog posts, amongst other things.

So do I!

I sometimes take a while to decide how to begin but, yes, I look forward to writing my posts.

I try to have something in my mind to look forward to every day.

  • writing this for you
  • waiting for Mittens to come upstairs to see me in the mornings
  • speaking to my daughter on the phone
  •  dead heading my pansies (yes, I know it’s ‘sad’…)
  • hanging out my washing when the rain stops
  • seeing my OH walk up the path at the end of the day

 Of course, I look forward to bigger things too, but sometimes all we need to ‘make our day’ is something small but positive to look forward to.

What are you looking forward to with confidence today?


What will you look forward to tomorrow?





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4 responses to “How Rollers Help Confidence!

  1. Christine

    So true, we all need something to look forward to. It’s what makes getting up every morning worthwhile and such a simple trick but so easy to forget!

    Did you ever get the ‘Anticipation is better than realisation’ essay title to do at school? A useful reminder not to get sooooo excited that ‘the thing’ can’t possibly live up to expectations…

  2. What a beautiful post, and thank you so much for the link, Linda. I remember those rollers too 🙂 Ouch!

    My life became much more joyful when I started focusing on simple pleasures like you described. I love deadheading too by the way!

    Today I’m looking forward to spending time with my elderly parents. It feels so good to see their smiles when I walk in a room, and I’m glad we live close enough to enjoy them and help them out at this stage.

    • Thanks for that Jean.

      In my view it’s the simple pleasures in life that last.

      Stuff we buy, expensive trips, new clothes all have thier use by date.

      Not that I’ve stopped buying new clothes, you understand…

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