What’s on your label?


They say you should always read the label  (thank goodness for contact lenses…)

I like to know the ingredients in pasta sauces, as we’re both allergic to garlic, so I do read the small print on those.

When I was a child I used to get so bored sitting at the meal table that I’d read ALL the labels, just for something to do.

Jam, cornflakes, Daddies Sauce, Golden Syrup…  all the really exciting stuff…


I read over on Hettythehermit’s blog that she doesn’t want to be ‘labelled’

I don’t think we should  mind if people label us, it’s all part of the ‘getting to know you’ process.  After all, I might read the label on a jar of pasta sauce and like the look of it but I might change my opinion when I taste the garlic!!

And it’s the same with you.

 If you could write a label for yourself, what would you write?


Here’s mine…

  • This product helps you find  a positive approach to life.
  • See interesting results after reading her blog.
  • Linda provides Ideas for Confident Living.



  • Best read in peace and quiet.
  • A glass of wine helps the Confidence Building Process.
  • It is normal to giggle while reading.



  • Read and reflect at your leisure.
  • Add your comments and join in.
  • For best results, smile while reading.



50% Wistful Thoughts 

50%  Observations 

100% Positivity

After use be sure to form your own Conclusions!

A garlic – free product.


How about you?

What’s on your label?





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5 responses to “Caution!

  1. You’re the first person I’ve ever known to be allergic to garlic so that’s a label-worthy quality right there. I’m going to have to ponder my own label. Right now all I can think of is, ‘Some assembly required,’ and ‘Your actual results may vary.’

  2. Christine

    An interesting thought! I worry (too much?) about how I am perceived by others. The last one was ‘enigmatic’ which I never really understood! I thought I gave too much away and clearly one of us was wrong!

    But I’d like it if it was said I was ‘great company’, ‘talented’ and ‘warm hearted’ but I dare say ‘disappointing and moody’ would be more appropriate!

    • I’d love it I was known as ‘enigmatic’, Chrisitine!
      I don’t think it’s a word we’re meant to completely understand…

      So… what do YOU think your label should say?

  3. captivating label
    the product goes into my satchel 🙂

    i love garlic 🙂

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