The Day I Said Yes And No-one Spat!

Here in the UK they’re everywhere!


Fluttering madly on cars,

hanging outside every kind of building,

draped across walls and fences…

Yes… it’s that time again…The World Cup.


I’ll let you into a secret….

I’m not a sporty person.

I don’t really understand football.

And I especially don’t like over sexed, over paid, over tanned footballers or their ‘Stepford Wives’ and girlfriends.

In my view, they’re dreadful role models for our children.  Some of them have despicable morals, assault their other halves, swear and get drunk at the least opportunity.

And they spit…

 I guess I’m in the minority but there it is.


At the week-end my OH and I went to my best friend’s home for a World Cup Supper.

Yes… I know…

But I looked forward to the chat, the girly gossip (I’m talking about the women…) and my friend is an amazing cook.

Are you ready for this?

I learned some very valuable lessons from this World Cup get together. And I decided to write to you about it:

Here’s what I learnt –

  • My mood was lifted, being in the company of good friends
  • It was a fun evening
  • No-one got drunk
  • No-one behaved badly
  • The men in particular shouted, roared and cheered at the TV screen and I enjoyed their excitement
  • There was a great atmosphere of ‘belonging’
  • And, most important,…. no-one spat…  (Sorry, had to pop that in there…) 


This world-wide obsession and excitement about the World Cup has really got me thinking…

about saying ‘Why Not?’ a bit more.

How about you?

Do you wish you said ‘yes’ to opportunities a bit more than you do?

 ‘One’s first step in wisdom is to question everything.’

George C.  Lichtenburg



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2 responses to “The Day I Said Yes And No-one Spat!

  1. I’ve had situations like that too. I’ll start off thinking something is going to be a drag and end up having a wonderful time. It always makes me grateful I didn’t give in to my compulsion to avoid the activity.

    • I often kick myself for not wanting to go somewhere when I end up having such fun. Silly, isn’t it!
      At last I’m learning to say, ‘Why not?’ more often…

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