A bucket full of…

‘Not enough hours in the day…’

‘I’ll never get it all done…’

‘There’s so much to do…’

We’ve all said it at some time.

We rush around, face red, lips pursed, flustered and hot.


The other day I needed to water a large pot of plants in my garden. I needed a bucket. A large one. And I needed to fill it.

I waited as the tap ran and the water level grew.

But I was lazy.

I didn’t want to keep traipsing back and forth with easy to carry amounts so I smugly filled it to the brim.


It was heavy.

No problem, I thought, as I lifted it out of the sink and started to stagger out of the kitchen towards the garden.

Then it happened.

The water started to slop over the sides, leaving puddles on the floor and as I tried to rush out of the door the water overflowed. Everywhere.

I sloshed my way to the offending garden pot and poured the rest of the water over the thirsty plants.

But I still had to clear up the flood in the kitchen. I was not best pleased to be wasting my valuable time mopping up.

What started out as a simple task had grown into several tedious ones.


Sometimes I feel like that bucket…

…filled to the brim with ‘To Do’s’, ‘Must Do’s’, writing tasks, e:mails to write, ironing piles, books to read, people to see, places to go…

But are they all so important?

If I fill my bucket to the top with things to do, they’ll spill over. I’ll end up with all those extra tasks to do because I rushed and didn’t pay enough attention to the details.

I must remember…there’s always tomorrow … 


I must learn not to fill my bucket

Fewer tasks = more fun.

Fewer tasks = less stress.

No floods.

No mopping up.


I need to leave enough room in my bucket for

  • sunshine…
  • music…
  • silence…
  • listening…
  • thinking…
  • creating…

What will you leave room for in your bucket today?



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3 responses to “A bucket full of…

  1. carsma

    Yes, I need to find space in my bucket, It is either empty or I overfill, too much, so how does one balance ??

    • Hi carsma,

      I guess we all have our own methods.

      What I do is look at each item, decide whether ‘the sky will fall’ in if I don’t do it today. That reduces it quite a lot, hopefully.

      Then I decide which I least want to do and do that first if I can, that lifts my mood…

      After that I am selective, choosing the most pressing tasks first.

      So easy to write about but not so easy to carry out, I know…

  2. There’s room in my day today to pull weeds 🙂 This is actually a good thing! It’s been rainy here the last few days and I’m really looking forward to being outside and tending to my flower beds while getting exercise and fresh air.

    Simplification does not always come easy for me, but it’s a path I’m glad to be walking.

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