How To Trade In Your Old Self

‘OMG!  We’ve been burgled!’  my OH shouts from the bedroom.

The bed is littered with ‘stuff’.

It looks like someone has randomly tipped out all my clothes on to the bed.


It gets worse.

In my study the bookshelves are frighteningly empty.

Piles of books are heaped on the floor.

What on earth’s  going on?


‘It’s OK!’ I reassure my OH.

‘It’s just me, getting organised!’


This morning I read this Guest Post by Anthony Stefano. You might like to take a look.

It’s about being organised and I realised that I can identify with all that he advises.


My OH feared the worst when he saw the chaos.

But all I was doing was sorting all my books – which ones to take to the Charity Shop, which ones I would read again or refer to.

I was in the middle of trying on ALL my clothes and asking myself these questions –

  1. Does it fit me?
  2. Do I love it?
  3. Is it useful?

If the answer was ‘yes’ to all three, then the item earned its place in my wardrobe.

If not… it went on the Charity Shop pile along with the books.


I always find that if my ‘stuff’ is organised, then so is my mind.

I can start afresh every day, knowing that most of my things are ‘in order.’


It’s the same with our thoughts and opinions.

  • We need to know what we think and then stand up for ourselves
  • We need to find a positive way to look at a problem
  • We need to believe  that our opinion has value.


In fact,

we can ask the same questions about our thinking as we do when we’re organising other ‘stuff’ in our lives –

  1. Does it fit me? = Does my thinking reflect my true personality?
  2. Do I love it = Am I confident to hold this view/attitude?
  3. Is it useful = Does this behaviour/thinking help me in my life? 


Next time you go to your wardrobe, or your book/DVD collection, why not have a ‘sort out’?

And while you’re at it, consider your thoughts and ditch the ones that do you no favours…


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