Whose Fan Are You?

‘Eng-er-land! Eng-er-land! Eng-er-land!’

From all around the ground, fans shout, sing and chant.

Hooters fill the air, sounding like a swarm of bees.

The crowd of fans gets very excited every time their team’s player has the ball, tackles the opposition, dodges round an opponent or, miracle of miracles, seizes an opportunity and scores a goal!


This World Cup has certainly got me thinking.

I’m fascinated at the lengths the fans will go to for their team.

They use up their holiday leave, they save up for the flights to South Africa, they’re loyal beyond belief.

And nothing deters them from supporting the players.


I got to thinkingeach of us should be our own greatest fan.

(Not in an arrogant way, of course.)

We can get very excited

  • when we have ‘the ball’ –  we decide to set ourselves a challenge
  • when we dodge around our opponent – we refuse to be put off and thrown off course by those ‘drains’
  • when we tackle the opposition – we face up to taking difficult steps
  • when we seize an opportunity and score a goal – we achieve our goal, despite all the problems along the way.

I’m not saying that achieving our goal is easy – there’d be no satisfaction if it was.

But we must be our own greatest fan.




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2 responses to “Whose Fan Are You?

  1. Christine

    You are absolutely right, Linda, we should be our own most loyal fan. But even the most ardent fan has the potential to be the hardest critic too…I guess it’s because we expect so much from our heroes … including ourselves.

  2. Yes, Christine, as I write my OH is downstairs, yelling at the TV because he expects England to perform well… we must try not to be too hard on ourselves, or our ‘heroes’.

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