Thanks, Dad, for the Memories

I’m writing this  post for the lovely man who was my dad..

It is said that there’s a special relationship between fathers and daughters and that certainly was the case with me and my dad.

He was a rock for me, always positive about what I could achieve , always on my side.  He died over ten years ago but I think of him every day, even pausing to ‘talk’ to his photo, wishing I could talk to him again.

Dad  gave me confidence and a belief in myself and I know he knew I loved him.

 Here are some special memories I’d like to share with you.


  1. I loved to hear him sing. He had an amazing tenor voice and tears would come as I listened, even as a child.
  2. He was a chorister in Worcester Cathedral until World War Two, when he was ‘called up’ and joined the Royal Airforce.  Many years later, in his eighties, we took him back to  Worcester, to re-visit the place where he’d been so happy.  It was a very moving experience when he was welcomed by the Head Chorister. The choir sang for him and we were all moved to tears, as was he.
  3. When our car needed a £50 repair in the late 60’s, we couldn’t afford it. As soon as dad heard about it, he offered to settle the bill. Needless to say, I cried.
  4. He used to dry my hair with a towel in front of the fire, when I was about six.  No hairdryer in our house then!
  5. In the Spring, as a child,  he and I would go off on our bikes to catch ‘tiddlers’ in the stream with a jam jar on a string. I don’t know how, but we always succeeded in finding some.
  6. On the way to my first wedding (!) he said, ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’  Did he know it wouldn’t last…?
  7. When I left home at eighteen to go Teacher Training  College in London, I was very excited and didn’t give a thought to how mum and dad might be feeling.  Mum told me later that there were tears on his cheeks as he waved me off on the train. I felt exactly the same when my son left for university in London, many years later…
  8. On our regular farm holidays in Cornwall he and I would get up very early to pick enormous field mushrooms for breakfast. I thought they were disgusting but dad loved them.
  9. At Christmas, when I was about five years old, he’d dress up in mum’s red dressing gown to be Father Christmas … and I almost believed it was really FC!
  10. My brother and I had a pet Dutch rabbit called Bun. (No, not a very original name, but there you go…)  Dad loved that rabbit too, and cried with us when Bun died.

It’s amazing how these memories come flooding back.

 But he didn’t just leave me with memories.

He left me with

  • a strong sense of right and wrong,
  • a soft heart,
  • a hatred of unfairness,
  • a love of animals,
  • compassion,
  • a love of Church music,

so many , I could write a book. 

Thanks, dad, for the memories.

I miss you, every single day.


Do you have a favourite memory of your dad?

Do tell us about it…



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7 responses to “Thanks, Dad, for the Memories

  1. Carol Donaldson

    Hi Linda,

    What wonderful memories you have of your dad. I remember him singing at family weddings and funerals, his voice was beautiful. I still have the wooden fruit bowl he made me as a wedding present (1st marriage). He was a very talented man.

    I have mixed memories of my dad, he was a very complex character, though like you I miss him terribly at times.

    I must say you amaze me with your daily installments, they are ALL so good!!!


  2. There’s a song called ‘Dance with my father’ and whenever I hear it I think of him and all that he showed me about how to live my life.

    Thanks Carol.

  3. What a beautiful post, Linda. You are blessed to have known this man’s love, and it is clear he treasured you. It touches my heart to see how he lives on in your life now.

    I wrote about my Dad on my blog for Father’s Day too. He is still with me, and I am grateful for every moment. Thanks for sharing your Dad with us here.

  4. Linda, what a moving and touching post. Your dad was clearly an amazing man – and I am so glad you have all these memories to treasure.

    I am going to create my own set of ten memories – and I may even post it as a blog if my tears and my heart allow me to do so:-)

    I heard the song “Dance with my father” on the radio only a couple of days before he passed away 3 years ago. How I would love to have that dance with him now.

    • Thank you Arvind. Tears blur our eyes when we try to write these special memories, but that’s how it should be I guess. They are all we have left to keep our fathers with us and are so important.

  5. Lesley

    I am sitting here with tears in my eyes now after having read your beautiful words about your father. I am fortunate to still have my father around but it reminded me of memories of my childhood and growing up and I may write about those myself. Our relationship was ‘rocky’ at times but now I really appreciate all he has done for me and continues to do. Like you, I also feel my father has been a ‘rock’ and always there with his love and strength. I can’t bear to imagine what it would be like if he was no longer here.

    • Thanks Lesley,
      It’s amazing how many memories here are once we start to write them down, I’m so glad that Arvind gave me the opportunity to share my memories again, in his Thanksgiving posts. Is that where you found this post?

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