How To Make Time When You Don’t Have Any


 ‘Sorry, I haven’t got time today!’

‘I can’t fit it all in!’

‘I’m just too busy.’ 


How often do we say something along these lines?

I do, and I know I should know better.

We have 24 hours at our disposal.  And still it’s not enough.

We write our lists, make our plans, fulfill our challenges and still we can’t get it all done.

There aren’t enough hours in the day.


Sorry!  The bad news is, I don’t believe you!

Of course there are enough hours. We simply need to re-think how we use them.


Here’s the thing.

The World Cup is on TV as  write this.

It’s an England match.

My OH is glued to the screen but I’m not a football fan.

I could have stayed downstairs with him and pretended to enjoy the match.

But … there was another way to use the time.

I wanted to write some posts so that I’m ahead of the game. (Sorry, no pun intended…)

So here I am, USING the time to my benefit.

I’m enjoying myself, writing what I love to write, wondering how many of you in the UK are on the net tonight because you’re not fussed about football either, using your time to your benefit too.


We actually have plenty of time.

All we need to do is make choices about how we will use it.


Think about it-

  • If you gave up watching one TV programme every evening, you’d have 30 minutes of ‘extra time’.
  • If you got up 15 minutes earlier you could get a small amount of chores done before the day really begins.
  • If you shopped on line for your groceries you’d have another hour at least to use  for something you’d prefer to do.

I’m quite amazed at how much time we spend on activities that, if we gave it some thought, we could use for our own benefit.


Would you rather…

  • spend an hour and a half at the supermarket?

OR… finish that project that you never seem to get around to?


Would you rather…

  • stand for an hour doing the ironing?

OR… fold up most of the clothes instead and talk on the phone to a family member who needs cheering up?


Would you rather…

  • scrub your kitchen floor/clean the car/dust the cat?

OR… spend that time writing some friendly e:mails or planning some tasty meals for the family?


We have a choice.

There are 24 hours at our disposal, every day.

How are you going to use them tomorrow?


‘It’s not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is, what are we busy about?’
Henry David Thoreau


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2 responses to “How To Make Time When You Don’t Have Any

  1. Oh, how glad I am that I’ve wised up in this regard. I used to be the queen of “too busy,” but now I’ve learned to look at how I spend my time much more closely. My schedule is generally uncluttered, and when I truly am ‘busy’ it’s because I’m doing work I love, caring for my family in ways that really matter (as opposed to a lot of silly chores), and spending time with friends who are dear to me. In my case, getting older has not been a bad thing because I do seem to be catching on to a few things 🙂

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