What To Do When Weeds Choke Your Life

It’s strange. 

I didn’t intend to drive here. 

But somehow, I arrive, 

and park outside. 

I switch off the engine and stare, 

past the overgrown hedge, 

to where unhealthy weeds choke the once green lawn. 


Rampant ivy scars the walls, 

ugly, destructive, creeping, crawling. 

A dead place, its eyes half closed, 

grubby curtains, carelessly drawn, a home for spiders. 

Hopeless, neglected, sad, 

missing the vibrancy that once filled its rooms, 

missing the children who played here and climbed to the top of the chestnut tree. 

Someone lives here today 

but no-one cares. 


I drive away, wondering, musing on lives once lived, 

leaving a legacy of  dandelions and dust. 


That sad, dead house was once my home. 

In a former life, my children played and climbed the chestnut tree. 

Seeing it again today, I think how easy it is to let our lives become choked by weeds, almost without noticing. 

I ask myself these questions – 

  • What am I neglecting in my life?
  • What has become overgrown?
  • Do I let unhealthy weeds choke my fragile dreams?
  • Do I open my eyes and really look at what’s happening?
  • Or are my eyes half closed, behind grubby curtains, where spiders make their nests?

As I drive home I decide to make some changes –  

  •  I will make sure these cottage rooms are filled with vibrancy, laughter and life.
  • I will climb to the top of that chestnut tree and reach for my dreams. 

    Image from Bill Gantz on Flickr


What changes will you make to bring to life your career/marriage/relationship/ dreams/ aspirations?


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