Don’t You Dare…

I read today that one in four of us never stops for lunch.

We work all day, without even a coffee break.


Is it because…

  • we think we’re indispensable?
  • we want to be seen to be snowed under?
  • we hope the boss will notice?
  • we feel we OUGHT to?

How arrogant is that!

How precious!

Why live on ‘Planet Stress’?



I knew a workaholic.

Always running to keep up.

Always rushing to finish a contract and start the next.

Always working right up to the wire on Christmas Eve.

Always working late the day before a holiday.

Always working on Bank Holidays.

Always talking about what he’d do when he retired.


And then it happened.

Out of the blue.

In our garden.

He collapsed and died, four days after he finally retired.

That man was my husband.




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6 responses to “Don’t You Dare…

  1. Christine

    I am so sorry, Linda. This is a tragic example of why a life-work balance is so crucial. Sadly, the corporate world constantly misses the point …

  2. Alina

    I have just printed this out and given it to my husband!! He has to take note.

  3. Wow, what a wake up call. I’m sorry for your loss, Linda, and I’m sorry for your husband’s loss too because workaholics miss so much. I think they miss the point of life, really. Even if we’re driven by passion to work on something that feeds our soul, there are still birds singing and smiles to share . . . life is not a single-ingredient recipe.

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