The Waiting Game


How often do you say this?

‘How much longer?’

‘I’m not going to wait’

‘I can’t wait to…’

If there was a survey about how much of our lives we spend waiting I bet it would be about as much time as we spend sleeping.


Over the years I’ve waited –

  • for Christmas to come – that took for ever
  • to be ‘grown up’ (I’m still waiting…)
  • for the potatoes to boil
  • for  a bus
  • for exam results
  • for a phone call
  • for the ‘right’ man
  • for warm summer days
  • for a holiday
  • for my daughter’s key in the lock late at night
  • for the cat to come in
  • for a job interview
  • for a ‘light bulb’ moment
  • for a Valentine
  • for my first kiss (I was 14 at the time…)
  • for the first day of the school holidays (child…)
  • for the last day of the school holidays (parent…)
  • for the day my son would come home from uni
  • for my hair to grow after chemo
  • for the postman
  • for snow
  • for a diamond ring (yes, it was worth the wait…)


Over on Hettythehermit’s blog she says she’s ‘in limbo’.

She has a lot of decisions to make and can’t seem to move forward.

In my view, waiting’s good!

OK, there are some things we could wait for, for ever.

Like – having long hair when we have short, or being brill at tech stuff when we’re only at first base.

But decision making is different.

I have a good friend who says,

When you don’t know what to do, do nothing at all… until you do know.

Wait a while and all will become clear.

I guess you may have to put a time limit on it, but it should be your time limit, no-one else’s. After all, it’s your time…

Some times I feel I’m ‘In Limbo’ like Hetty.

I wait… listen to my gut feelings.. and then  I usually know what I want to do.

How about you?

  • Are you waiting for something? 
  • Are you ‘in limbo’, like Hetty? 
  • What’s your take on the Waiting Game?

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