25 Ways To Waste Time

Time wasting?

Is this a waste of time?

Been thinking about ‘Time’ a lot lately, how we use/spend it.

The whole concept of ‘Wasting Time’ is fascinating.

I don’t believe it’s possible!

Time is an invisible, free commodity.

We use it.

Like we use air, or thoughts, or feelings.

We can’t see it, or feel it. We notice the effects of the passing of time, for sure, but it’s an indescribable resource that we have at our disposal, to use as we choose.

Well, most of the time…


So, is it possible to waste time?

The idea that it is possible to waste it seems to suggest that we ought to be using our time differently.

Who says so?

Here are…

 25 Ways that  I’ve been told, over the years, that I’m Wasting My Time . 

  • learning new computer skills
  • thinking I’ll meet a man who is ‘husband material’
  • taking an interest in gardening, starting from scratch
  • buying a camera and starting to take pictures
  • discovering  my own ‘style’ of dress/fashion
  • thinking I could cook a decent roast dinner
  • imagining I could travel to China alone
  • learning to drive
  • uploading photos to my computer
  • mastering ‘Word’
  • using an i-phone
  • programming a video recorder
  • writing a decent short story
  • lighting a wood burner properly
  • training to be a confidence coach
  • using Sat Nav
  • giving a talk
  • leading a work shop
  • sitting doing nothing
  • gazing at the Caribbean sea
  • teaching Dyslexics
  • conquering a snake phobia
  • standing in the garden, listening to a blackbird
  • watching ants being busy
  • writing a blog

I have successfully undertaken every one of those 21 ‘activities’ that I was told, at some point, were a waste of my time.

And…guess what? I enjoyed every single one.


Do you still believe that it’s possible to waste time?

What are you going to waste your time doing next?












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