One Day Left


‘Can’t wait!’

‘We break up soon!’

‘My exams finish on Friday!’

‘I collect my new sports car tomorrow!’

Sorry. I lied about the sports car..

We’re all looking forward to something.

We need that light at the end of our tunnel.


Yesterday I heard about a young mum with terminal cancer.

She’s already well past her ‘Live Until’ date.

And guess what?

She’s doing loads of stuff. Not only exciting things but ordinary things too –

  • volunteering
  • helping at her child’s school
  • giving away her precious time.


It made me think.

If I only had one day left, what would I do with it?

Impossible to say.

How on earth would I choose?

It also made me  think about how much more care I should give to  how to use my precious time.  Why not pop over to read Emily Peck’s post  on June 24th – you’ll need to scroll down the page to find it – about what we could do with Extra Time.

A final thought for you…

as you write that lengthy To Do list and rush off to the office/supermarket/school/playgroup/garden/meeting/station/bus stop/kitchen for that last coffee before you DO start…

‘Today is a gift which is why it’s called the ‘present’.


 How would you choose to spend your last day?

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One response to “One Day Left

  1. Christine

    I’ve always thought in that situation I’d sit and wait! I wouldn’t be good at put the ticking clock out of my mind and doing other things…it’s bad enough when someone tells me they’ll call me back – I have to wait and wait and wait…!!!

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