What’s Imprisoning You?

It’s white and large, intimidating.

Only a small window or two, black and threatening.

It turns through the prison gates and disappears.

I continue my journey, free to travel wherever I wish.

I wonder abut the men inside that white vehicle, where they’re from, what they did, how long they’ll be in prison, how they feel, what they’re thinking.

Are they angry? Upset? Frightened?

Are they swearing at the officers? Threatening? Out of control?

I wonder how they’ll feel tomorrow when they wake, how they’ll spend their days.

What’s imprisoning you today?

Are you angry? Upset? Frightened?

Are you swearing? threatening? Out of control?

Perhaps you’re imprisoned by –

The good news is –

you don’t have to serve your sentence.

You can fling open the doors of your thinking and make a change.

Or two.

Or more.

Just think… 

if you make that change, how will you feel when you wake up the next day?

One step towards freedom.

All you have to do is…

open the door and step out…

breathe that fresh air and walk away…

if you want to.

What will be your first step to freedom?

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