Ticking Boxes

On Friday I wrote about being imprisoned and I asked you what you’re imprisoned by.

Over on Marc and Angel’s blog  yesterday I read an amazing post about the problems that come when we are determined to look for perfection. We become trapped once again…

It inspired me to write about perfection for the second time, this time when seeking a partner.

Internet dating is taken for granted these days as a great way to meet a partner, long or short term.  You have plenty of time to e:mail the ‘candidates’ before speaking on the phone and possible meeting them.

One of the requirements for these sites is to describe the kind of person you’re looking for and sometimes you make a list of

boxes that must be ticked.

It’s fun to sit down with a friend and a few glasses of wine and make your list of ‘Must Haves’.

Here are some of mine –

  • must be taller than me
  • must like cats
  • must like village life
  • must be a James Taylor fan (sorry if you’re too young to know who he is,  but take it from me, he’s awesome!)
  • must be in a creative job
  • must enjoy the simple things
  • must like the sea
  • must love champagne
  • must like to travel
  • must smell gorgeous

and so it went on.

All the ‘Musts…’

And guess what? I found him…

Oooops! How did that get in there???


Meanwhile, back in the real world… hope you’re recovered…

What I didn’t bargain for when I discovered my Mr Right was –

  • he’s a Radio Caroline fan (sorry again, but some of you will know what I’m talking about…)
  • he reads the Beano
  • he likes nothing better than sorting out his underwear drawers
  • he doesn’t know a weed from a flower
  • he goes to sleep listening to Radio Five Live though his earpiece
  • he doesn’t like avocados
  • he has never shared his home with a cat
  • the only feature of a car that interests him is its colour
  • his favourite sandwich is cheese
  • he doesn’t speak French

These may not mean perfection for everyone but they certainly mean perfection for me…

well, apart from the Radio Caroline part…

and the underwear drawers…

and ….

I guess what I’m saying is that we all hope for perfection. (We, of course, are, goes without saying…)

In a make-believe world we’d find it but unfortunately that only happens in fairy tales.

Mind you, finding my OH felt like I was in a fairy tale… until I got to know him, that is…



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7 responses to “Ticking Boxes

  1. Christine

    I had a wish list for the ideal partner which included being good at DIY and the ability to cook amongst other things. When he finally came along some of my list got ticked but most items didn’t. So what did I learn? That my perfect man comes with a whole load of things I hadn’t anticipated or realised were so appealing and that I’m very glad my wish list got ripped up fairly early on…

  2. Glad you ripped it up, Christine!
    I wonder how well we did with their wish list…

  3. Christine

    We ticked every box, Linda!!!!

  4. Linda,

    If someone can learn to live with cats, they can certainly learn to like James Taylor…

    Personally, I’ve had cats and dogs but for the past several years my family has rescued great danes and beagles. We currently have 3 beagles and 1 basset / beagle mix. Check out my blog tomorrow…an article I wrote about the basset / beagle mix will be published on Linked2Leadership.com titled “The Three C’s: Leadership Qualities of a Hound Dog.”



  5. i must write down my must haves too, i like the idea

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