‘Half-Birthday’ Anyone?


You did read that right!

It’s the latest trend here in the UK.

 Invitations are sent out, inviting your child to a

Half Birthday Party.


Apparently these over indulgent  parents hire bouncy castles, ball ponds (not sure what they are) and childrens’ entertainers, not forgetting  champagne and canapes in the, no doubt,  immaculate gardens for the ‘grown-ups’.

Well, I use the word ‘grown -up’ loosely. What kind of parent over indulges their child in this way??

I presume the Half-Birthday cake looks something like this one –


The parents’ excuse for this ridiculous nonsense is that their poor child had the misfortune to be born in the winter and therefore misses out on the whole ‘outdoors in the sunshine’ birthday party scene.

I can’t wait for next June when the Half-Christmas cards start appearing, and the stores start selling Half -Christmas Trees, decorated of course with Half-Baubles… the mind boggles..

Seriously though, what is this really about?

Here are a few thoughts…

  • Do these parents feel ultra guilty because they don’t spend enough ‘Quality Time’ (whatever that means) with their children?
  • Are they simply using the occasion to show how affluent they are? I gather some of them hire caterers and marquees…
  • What do the children make of it?
  • Is there a competition between the parents to out do one another’s flamboyant efforts?
  • What will happen when the poor off-spring reach eighteen? Will they have a Happy Seventeen and  A Half? Or Eighteen and A Half? Good grief!


Don’t get me wrong –  I love a birthday party. Any celebration can be a fun and happy time.

But surely we should celebrate the ‘small stuff’ too?

Let’s celebrate

  • the first time your child rides a bike by himself
  • when he takes his foot off the bottom without realising it and swims
  • his first proper visit to the dentist
  • the day he goes to school without tears and can’t wait to get there
  • the day he brings home his first reading book and reads it to you
  • his first real girl friend comes to tea/dinner
  • when he gets his first paper round
  • the day he plays in the school concert/football/rugby team
  • when he gets a place on his chosen course
  • when he finds a job he enjoys

I’m sure you can all add loads more to my list.

We really must remember to celebrate the ‘small stuff’ – not with expensive shows of affluence but …

well, I don’t have to tell you…

I’m sure you know how.



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2 responses to “‘Half-Birthday’ Anyone?

  1. Carol Donaldson

    I thought it was a joke of some kind, could not believe people are seriously doing this. Perhaps the “recession” will help bring some perspective back in people’s lives.

    Love your daily insights by the way, I am learning alot!!

    your cuz

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