Ice Cream and Daisy Chains

She’s in her garden.

She bends down,  carefully chooses  a dandelion clock and slowly blows the seeds away, like fairies in the breeze.

She sits down on the grass and starts to collect daisies. She makes a chain and lifts if gently over her head.

Over by the trampoline she looks around, shyly, checking she’s all alone, before clambering up to have a bounce. Her face beams and she starts to giggle, self-conscious now.

Hot in the sun, she seeks the shade to enjoy an ice- cream, craftily sneaked from the freezer. Chocolate, her favourite. With a flake. Or two…

Indoors now, she looks in  her cupboard for something cooler to wear.

Frustration erupts, nothing is right,  she jumps up and down in a paddy,  tossing her rejected clothes to the floor.

She freezes.

The front door opens and heavy footsteps thump on the stairs.  There’s nowhere to hide, so she waits, ice-cream smears unwiped, still in her  shorts and tee-shirt.

‘Is that you, love?’

He’s home.

‘Had a good day?’

Blushing now, she runs downstairs, licking the remains of her ice-cream from her lips, the daisy chain still clinging to her damp skin.

‘I’ve had a great day! I’ve been having fun in the garden.  Look! I even made a daisy chain!’

He grins. 

‘Fancy an ice-cream, love? Or a glass of wine?’

They laugh and he kisses her chocolatey mouth before finding the wine glasses.  Carrying the bottle of chilled wine they wander out into the early evening garden.

We all have a child within.

We just need to pause and remember…

to be one…


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