Too Hot?

Thirty degrees! 

In the UK!

Unheard of.

Yesterday the only European holiday destination that was hotter than here was Malta!

But, boy, do we moan about it.

They’re the first words on every one’s lips – the supermarket checkout girl, the postman, the person in the queue behind you in the Post Office – everyone is complaining about the unusual heat.

‘It’s soooo hot’, they whine. I wish it would rain!’

And so we seek the shade. Any old shade will do, so long as it get’s us out of the sun.

I’m very fortunate.

There’s lots of shade in my garden and so long as there’s a bit of a breeze, lounging in my deck- chair brings welcome relief from the sun.

As I gaze around my parched garden I start to  think about the shade. Nothing much thrives under my holly tree and I have to constantly water the plants that struggle there.  Dead, prickly leaves gather, rustling and clattering on the dry soil, later to be scooped up and thrown away.

The soil there is dry, dusty and dead.  And when it eventually does rain, the tree will shelter the soil from  most of the much needed water.

Shade provides respite from the intense heat, but is it always a good thing to stay in the shade?

Are you living your life ‘in the shade’?

  • Are you thriving?

Or are you keeping out of the light, afraid to take decisions, make choices?

  • Are you struggling?

Would you like some help? Some advice? Someone to motivate you and support you as you grow?

  • Are you dusty?

Do you seek new friends? Read books you wouldn’t usually choose? Develop fresh ideas and opinions?

Have you abandoned those dreams, plans, aspirations because it’s just too much bother, leaving them to be swept up and thrown away with the dead leaves?

Just try it.

Leave your safe, shady spot and try it.

Take one step into the sunlight, and be sure that you will begin to grow…


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