7 Signs That You’re Past Your Sell-By Date


It had to be done.

Can’t even remember when I last did it…

It was time….

to sort out my food cupboards.

I stood on a chair to get to the top shelves and took everything out and put it on the work top.

I had a bag ready for all the tins and packets that I no longer use but I wasn’t prepared for what I found-

02/2005, 09/2007, 12/2009 –

 just some of the ‘sell-by-dates’ that I found.

And I even found a dead fly…. shock! horror!

How could I not have noticed the fly!!!

The plastic bag that waited to be filled was soon replaced by a much larger one and I was so relieved that no-one saw me on my way to the dustbin.

I began thinking about how easy it is to not notice stuff.

And then I began thinking about how easy it is not to notice when we’re past our sell-by date…

Here are my 7 signs that you might be past yours…

  1. How long have you had the same hair style?  Too long? Can’t remember?  Oh dear…
  2. Do you always cook the same meals each week because… well, because it’s easier?  Oh dear…
  3. When did you last wear that dress/suit/lacy blouse/short skirt/tee shirt/sequinned top? (yes, men too)  Oh dear…
  4. Do you always choose books by the same authors at the library/bookstore?  Oh dear…
  5. When did you last listen to some music from a different genre? Can’t remember?  Oh dear…
  6. Do you always go to the same restaurants because…well, because it’s easier? Oh dear…
  7. When did you last sort out your books and take some you’ll never read again to a charity shop?  No idea?  Oh dear…

Writing this post has made me realise that I, too, am well past my sell-by date.  I’d better stop writing and go and sort out some clothes… particularly a certain sequinned top…

What about you?

Anything you want to tell us about?

Or are you too busy going through your clothes and your book shelves?

Which reminds me. I need to make an appointment at the hairdresser’s…



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2 responses to “7 Signs That You’re Past Your Sell-By Date

  1. carol

    After a morning of moving things around under the guise of tidying – putting things in a pile in the spare room, your post has given me the kick to actually sort it all out.

    Thanks Linda

  2. Amazing how we get stuck sometimes and can’t see the wood for the trees, Carol.

    I can’t believe I didn’t notice that fly…

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