Go With The Flow? No! Start Your Own River…


That’s how it felt, seeing wild animals in their natural habitat.

Watching those majestic, gentle zebras as they wandered across the grassy plains in South Africa  is a sight I’ll never forget.

Every day we saw them, one behind the other, following their leader.

Ducklings do it too, don’t they, walking  behind their mum, trusting that she knows where she’s going.

And then there are the ants, in a raggedy line, hurrying across the woodland path, heading for, well, I hope they know where.

Followers are in vogue on the web too. We can be followers on Twitter, Facebook and even on Plinky, a new site that helps inspire bloggers to write.

It’s easy to follow.

No decisions to make,

no choices,

no responsibility.

Just follow the one in front and all will be well.

But will it? Be well?

What if the leader takes you somewhere you don’t want to go?

What if he chooses the wrong path?

What if the mother duck gets run over? What will the ducklings do then? They’ll be lost, aimless, and in danger. 

One day, they’ll be the leaders, having to look after their ducklings. Taking responsibility.


Which are you at the moment?

Are you a follower?

  • Are you going along with something,  just because it’s easier?
  • Are you saying ‘yes’ when you know you want to say’no’, because it’s easier?
  • Are you staying stuck in a job/college course/relationship/stale friendship/’draining ‘relationship, because it’s easier?

We are leaders or followers at different stages of our lives.

But when we follow, we should not do it simply because it’s easier.

We should follow because

  • we choose to follow,
  • because we believe that the leader knows the way,
  • because we trust that the path is the right one for us.

If you’re a leader,  you’ll like this quote_

‘Don’t go with the flow – start your own river instead.’

Dr Phil McGraw, ‘Life Strategies’, page 181.


What about you?

Have you  started your own river?

Would you like to go against the flow for a change?

Do tell!




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2 responses to “Go With The Flow? No! Start Your Own River…

  1. I am never a ‘go with the flow person’ but I am sure a good follower if I choose to. thanks for this post and this site that iIcan follow 🙂

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