83 Cats Teach Us A Lesson About Being Judgemental

There are 82 more...


Maria has 83 cats.   

Yes, I know, it sounds ridiculous but there it is.   

I read it in the paper so it must be true…   

I tried to imagine why someone would do that.   

I started to make judgements about Maria and her lifestyle.   

I wanted to ask her –   

  • Do you ever go away on holiday?
  • What are the vet’s bills like?
  • Did you win the lottery to afford them?
  • Do you live on a farm with lots of land?
  • Do you buy their food in bulk?
  • Do you get it delivered on a lorry?
  • Are they strays?
  • Do you let them have kittens?
  • If not, more vet’s bills!’


The words ‘eccentic’, potty, lonely, strange, loony, daft, short sighted, odd, anti-social, came to mind the more I thought about it.   

And then I told myself off.   

What’s it got to do with me?   

Yes, I’m curious about such an unusual way of life, but it isn’t for me to judge.   

I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t want to swap with me, with my one cat, a husband and a tiny cottage, and I certainly wouldn’t want to swap with her.   

Over on the Plinky site  there’s an interesting thread about accepting one another’s differences.   

The writers at Plinky asked us to say how we thought the world could be a better place and accepting differences was high on the list of responses.   

It would be great   

  • if only we could all live and let live a bit more.
  • if only we weren’t so quick to judge harshly.
  • if only we weren’t so arrogant.

And perhaps…   

the words loving, caring, thoughtful, generous, hardworking, selfless, philanthropic and tireless would come to mind when thinking about Maria.   

But I’d still like to talk to her about  life with 83 cats…    

What do you think?   

Are we far too judgemental?   

And does it matter?



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6 responses to “83 Cats Teach Us A Lesson About Being Judgemental

  1. Christine

    I’m guilty as charged! I do judge but keep it to myself. The good part is that once I catch myself judging I start to think about the ‘judgement’ more deeply and unpick my preconcieved ideas, question all the stereotyping and ask myself why did I think that? And usually I reach a better understanding so perhaps there is a point to my judging after all…

  2. That’s a great attitude, Christine, I’ll try to adopt it more.

    But, it is unusual, to have 83 cats….

  3. carsma


    Yes we are too judgemental and yes it does matter. I work in Oxfam several days a week and we have a young girl who is a total goth, I couldn’t begin to describe her and yes, she has trouble getting a job, but she works with us 5 1/2 days a week. However, she is the nicest, most obliging girl you could find and most of us adore her and try and coach her through interviews and tame her down for them, but there are an element who just see the persona and judge. Not fair at all, especially when the customers adore her too, but there are always an element, who can’t look beyond the surface. They think the same of students we now have for the hols, all bright, hardworking kids , who are bored and due to the climate can’t get summer jobs, so unfair……..

    Carsma x

  4. Thanks, Carsma, you’re so right about ‘looking below the surface’. It’s sometimes hard not to judge too quickly because of the whole ‘first impressions’ thing but we must try harder.

    I hope your ‘goth’ friend manages to get a job. Unfortunately interviewers will judge her on first impressions and she may not have a chance to show her personality and skills. I wish her well.

    • Emma

      I do think we all judge way too much and I am sure I am guilty of it in some way or other, although I do try and not judge too much as I am always worrying about what people are thinking of me!

      • It takes courage to ‘be yourself” Emma. Remember, they’re all far too busy worrying about how they’re judged, to worry about you!

        You are unique. there’s no-one out there who comes close…

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