The Bees’ Simple Guide To Approaching Any Problem…

The lavender path in my garden delights me.

Every day I brush past the stems and enjoy the fragrance.

I love it …

and so do the bees.

This morning, a bustle of bees darts and dances on the lavender bushes and I pause to watch them.

Each bee seems unaware of its fellow workers, focusing on the task in hand, unfazed by its enormity.

The bush they’ve chosen is large, bursting with purple flowers. Bees settle all over it, only for a few seconds at each flower, before moving on to the next one.

As I watch the bees at work I realise that they show us how to approach problems – large or small – goals that seem impossible at first and dreams that appear out of our reach, just too enormous to contemplate.

So here’s the Bees’ Simple Guide To Approaching Any Problem –

  • Whatever our task, goal or dream, we have to break it down into tiny, achievable steps. We must focus on one ‘flower’ at a time, not worrying about all the rest waiting.
  • When the task seems out of our reach we must persevere. Perhaps we should leave one small task for a while and start another, coming back to the previous one with renewed vigour.
  • We mustn’t rush. The bees take all the time they need and so must we. Results will appear if we take our time.
  • We must remember we don’t have to do it all on our own. The bees certainly don’t!  We can ask for help, join forces with an ally and get the job done together.   

‘Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.’

Robert Collier

How about you?

  • Are you concerned about a problem, worrying how you’ll ever get it sorted? 
  • Do you have an important choice ahead?
  • Are you stuck in a seemingly impossible situation?


Think how many flowers are on one lavender bush…

and follow the bees’ simple guide.  

One bee cannot produce a whole jar of honey without a little help from its friends !

How’s your honey production going?



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2 responses to “The Bees’ Simple Guide To Approaching Any Problem…

  1. Christine

    I adopted the small steps approach recently and it really does work. I achieve far more that way whereas I used to feel swamped when focusing only on the end result and often gave up before I began…

    I also have lavendar along a path and love the smell that comes when brushing past it (although I worry about the bees a bit…) – another of life’s small pleasures, eh?

  2. Glad small steps worked for you Christine.

    The bees won’t bite, honest!!

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