What Are You Saving It For?

It was a stunning dress.  

It had smocking on the front and it was pale blue velvet and I loved it.  

‘Remember, it’s only for special occasions!’ mum warned.  

I used to gaze at it in my wardrobe, caressing the soft velvet, even trying it on and doing a twirl in front of my dressing table mirror.  

It wasn’t only the dress that was reserved for special occasions. There was jewellery, shoes – especially my first pair of heels – a new coat, pretty gloves.  

It was just the way it was when I was growing up.  

Mum seemed unable to ‘treat herself’ to anything (apart from Cadbury’s chocolate). She never had her hair done, or bought new clothes, it simply wasn’t her way. Perhaps it was the result of war-time austerity, I don’t know, but even dad found it hard to persuade her to enjoy treats.  

At Christmas, on birthdays and anniversaries through the years my father, brother and I gave her all sorts of gifts. There were lace handkerchiefs, brooches, ‘pearl’ necklaces, cardigans, blouses, all chosen with love.  

For 'best'


 ‘I’ll save them’, she’d say. ‘For ‘best’.’  

After mum died my daughter and I were sorting through her things, and we came across one particular drawer that saddened us more than the rest.  

We found unopened boxes of lace handkerchiefs, brooches in their wrapping, necklaces, cardigans, blouses, all as new as the day she received them, all unworn, unused.  

She’d been saving them for ‘special occasions’ and now it was too late.  


How about you?  

  • Do you wear all your jewellery?
  • Do you keep clothes for ‘best’?
  • Are there unworn items waiting in your wardrobe?
  • Do you have shoes that you’ve never worn?
  • Are you ‘saving’ that unopened perfume?

Do you have  

  • skills that you  don’t use?
  • a sketch book that you’ll enjoy ‘one day’? 
  • cookery books that don’t get used?
  • a gift for writing/singing/ that remains unused?
  • an ambition to learn the piano ‘one day’?
  • a plan to grow your own vegetables ‘one day’?

Remember this – tomorrow never comes.  

Don’t fill your ‘drawer’ with unfulfilled hopes, dreams and plans.  

Today is that ‘special occasion.’  

What will you take out of your’drawer’ today?


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2 responses to “What Are You Saving It For?

  1. I’m not waiting to grow vegetables because there is no time like the present. I couldn’t agree more. My motto is “Plan for the Future. Live for today.”

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