Why You Must Tell Your Tale

What are you hiding in the darkness?


So many stories.    

All waiting to be discovered.    

Inspirational stories, biographies, memories, murder mysteries.    

I was browsing in the library today. All around me, wherever I looked, books were waiting…    

  • for someone to choose them,
  • for someone to listen to what they had to say,
  •  to tell their story,
  • to explain their idea.

I  wondered if there were any books that had never been taken out, that were still waiting to be appreciated, explored and enjoyed.    

Every day they would be aware of the other books around them being selected, while they remained rejected, their tales untold.    


I considered  my fellow browsers.    

If a ‘thought bubble’ was floating above their heads, what would it contain?    

What’s their story?
What are they thinking about?
  • a nagging problem that keeps them awake at night?
  • a difficult decision to be agonised over?
  • an exciting plan for a trip away?
  • an idea for an invention, a novel, a poem?
  • a possible change of job?

I hope they won’t stay in the darkness, on the shelf, unseen, unnoticed, their tale untold.    

I hope they’ll tell their story, bring their ideas, worries, plans out into the open, where others can help, encourage, support, enable those hidden stories to become a reality.    

I have the same hopes for you and for me.    

  • We must tell our ‘story’.
  • We mustn’t  hide in the darkness.
  • We must bring our stories, our hopes and ideas to life.


What about you?    

Do tell us your ‘untold tale!



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2 responses to “Why You Must Tell Your Tale

  1. Christine

    Oooh, the thought of a book that has never been taken out of a library…now I want to find that book and bring him home!!!

    Thought-provoking post as always, Linda…

  2. I feel the same, Christine. I even asked the librarian what happened to any unread books and she said they probably get removed! How sad is that!

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